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The Law Office Schneider|Schultehinrichs emerged from a larger general law firm in Koblenz, Germany, which already had a substantial focus on criminal law since the 1980s.

In 1993, the Frankfurt am Main office was opened and served for the specialization in the increasingly expanding field of criminal defence.


At the centre of the activity as lawyers is the specialization in criminal law, in particular in criminal law concerning business offences in all facets, criminal law relating to tax offences, products, medicine, the environment and industrial relations, the criminal law treatment of major industrial accidents, taking care of international criminal proceedings as well as preventive counselling on criminal law (compliance) and due diligence. This focussing on criminal law and decades of experience within the field of individual defence and management consulting on criminal law guarantee an optimal processing of the mandates. Close links with specialists outside of the field of criminal law, and cooperation with foreign colleagues make effective processing possible in the fields of business law catered for by the law office, even in the case of interdisciplinary or foreign fields of law.

Thus the law office was active, for example, in the criminal proceedings against Peter Graf for tax offences, worked in a decisive position in the Philipp Holzmann case complex, defended in connection with trials following the tanker accident in Herborn and the Düsseldorf Airport fire, and was involved in the Lipobay proceedings of Bayer AG.

What is more, partners form the law office have acted as defence counsel in such cases as the “pleasure trips” involving executives from power supply utilities, the Porsche/VW takeover complex, “Sparkasse Cologne/Bonn/Oppenheim-Esch funds”, the “Nürburgring”-case, the investigation of the collapse of the city archive in Cologne, the “carbon-emission-certificate-trading-complex” and the “Wulff-complex”. Currently, the law firm is active in various proceedings of the so-called “diesel scandal” as well as in several major proceedings regarding fraudulent cybertrading platforms in connection with the trading of binary options, in particular so-called CFDs, forex and cryptocurrencies.

The firm represents numerous individuals in criminal tax law matters. This includes, among other things, counselling in the case of self-accusation of tax evasion and defending persons affected by the sale of CDs containing bank account data from Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Israel, as well as numerous “Cum/ex-investigations” nationwide.

Medical criminal law is another focal point. The law firm continuously serves various university clinics as well as hospitals and doctors.


Through extensive individual defence briefs in national cases with links abroad, of foreign clients, as well as management consulting with respect to penal law for international companies, the Office has well-established international relations. Apart from the USA and Europe (e.g. Switzerland, Italy, Greece), mention should be made of the well-developed contacts with Israel.

The Office is active internationally in many different ways in mutual judicial assistance procedures (extradition and other legal assistance), before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, within the EU and forensically in bilateral criminal law cases with Israel. The international activity is supported by cooperation with Professor Dr. Otto Lagodny, who holds a Professorship of International Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law and also Comparative Criminal Law at the University of Salzburg.

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